Barbados rapes: MP cautions travellers destination is 'unsafe' 3 March 2013Last modified at 10:49 GMT Share this web page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print Barbados rapes: MP warns travellers area is 'unsafe' By Nic RigbyBBC Thing Rape victims Dr . Rachel Turner and Diane Davies struggled to clear Derick Crawford's moniker Continue reading the biggest storyRelated StoriesEditor backs rapes request callRape victims' 'anger' at policeCleared person thanks rape victims An Mayor has labeled on the Unfamiliar Office in order to warn vacationers Barbados is "not a risk-free place" until the hometown police appropriately investigate the rape of couple of British young lady. Dr Rachel Turner, of Hertfordshire, and Diane Davies, about Anglesey, were raped within days of the other in 2010. Both women of all ages helped totally free a man who police reported was your rapist, despite the loss of any sustaining evidence. Stevenage Mega pixel Stephen McPartland said Barbados police should re-open the case. A Barbados Travel and leisure Authority spokesman said: "May When i reassure you that we carry any collision very seriously. "Barbados can be described as friendly not to mention welcoming usa with more than Two hundred and fifty,000 Indian tourists every year, many of whom are do it again visitors. "But, just like country anywhere,Elder Scrolls Online Power Leveling, some crimes will happen. Our genuine priority will continue to be the safety of our community in addition to our tourists." 'Rapist on the loose' Dr Turner, 50, who put in near Letchworth, Herts, and remains a research content at the Higher educatoin institutions of the Western Indies, and Mrs Davies, 63, of Pit in Anglesey, waived its right to secrecy to clear the name of Barbadian Derrick Crawford, 47. He had been charged with the particular rape, however, the case is dismissed by a local court docket in December last year. Stephen McPartland Mayor has asked community suggestions action capture the rapist Dr Turner and Mrs Davies have demanded an analysis into their procedure by Barbadian cops and the key reason why officers held insisting on Mr Crawford's culpability long after ladies told them the person was not any attacker, when there was no forensic studies linking Mr Crawford to the crimes. Mr McPartland, Produce Turner's MP, told the BBC: "I properly believe that Barbados is not a safe place meant for British gals to travel to because there is a rapist at the loose. "The cannabis failed to re-open the case with failed to obtain Rachel justice. "The Different Office should certainly update the travel suggestion and make that clear which will Barbados is not a safety to travel and warn Uk tourists back off. "Maybe then, your authorities when it comes to Barbados will make law enforcement reopen the way it is and find this approach rapist." He mentioned the Barbados specialists needed "to apologise so that you can Rachel publicly, reopen the case in order to find the rapist". 'Swept with carpet' Mr McPartland said all of the Foreign Company minister by way of responsibility for that Caribbean Label Simmonds had said to him he previously be bringing up the issue aided by the Barbados government while he visited the world later around. Dr Turner welcomed Mr McPartland's intervention. "I appreciate the support. It happens to be outrageous that they (authorities for Barbados) have grabbed it beneath carpet,Ins she stated. The concerns greater than Barbados as a take a trip destination go off a week after a couple provided by Suffolk were picture in the island's richesse Bridgetown during a robbery. A Foreign Company spokesperson mentioned: "We are shocked by the horrific rape experience that Dr Turner went through. "We kept up to date our traveling advice at this time whilst the rape to critical British nationals that disorders had taken put in place the area. Nearly all of visitors to Barbados have a nice trouble free have a look at." The Royal Barbados Police officers has however to thought. Barbados rapes: MP alerts travellers isle is 'unsafe'
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