swtor Power Leveling 'Star Wars' AT-AT cat condo: May the fur be with you
Because even cats like to play "Star Wars" dress-up sometimes.(Credit:BillyAppletini)You have marathoned all of the "Star Wars" movies (even the prequels) until your eyes fell out. Your dog is named Princess Leia and your cat is named Mr. Lucas. You own a double-telescoping Luke Skywalker action figure.You have everything! Except an AT-AT Walker cat condo, that is. Reddit user BillyAppletini wins the "best friend in the galaxy" award for building his "Star Wars" fan buddy the CAT-AT, a massive Walker-shaped cat condo. Related storiesMeditation, the 'Star Wars' way'Star Wars' product rejects: Far, far away from realityJust as Luke used the inside of a Tauntaun for warmth, his buddy's cats now climb inside swtor power leveling the plush luxury interior of the CAT-AT for coziness.The inside of the CAT-AT looks like it was designed by a feline 1970s Hugh Hefner. There is a mini-bar, bird trophies, a raunchy painting, and a little-bitty disco ball. The outside is pure AT-AT, with a carpeted exterior suitable for climbing and scratching.I know you want one, but don't get your hopes up. BillyAppletini gets into some details of the month-long build over on Reddit. He estimates the cost for materials alone at over $1,000, so it's not likely to become a side business for him.Check out more images of the epic construction project here. Now let's see if someone will make a Death Star dog house.Sophie the cat lounges inside the CAT-AT. (Credit:BillyAppletini)(Via Craft)
'Star Wars' AT-AT cat condo: May the fur be with you
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